Rental Information

Rental Information

Each floor is designed with modern architecture that utilizes maximum space saving techniques for optimum use.
Leased space is measured using semigross method :

FloorTotal AreaZone WestZone MiddleZone East
Ground Floor502251251
Mezzanine Floor568284284
3rd - 6th Floor718
7th - 25th Floor740241258241
26th - 28th Floor445445

Lease Terms & Conditions

  1. Base rental charge in Rupiah (IDR) will be charged 3 monthly in advance
  2. Service charge in Rupiah will be charged 3 monthly in advance
  3. Security deposit
  4. Normal operational hours
    • Monday to Friday : 08.00 – 18.00 WIB
    • Saturday : 08.00 – 13.00 WIB
  5. Over time charge will be charged monthly
  6. Parking fee (Reserved and Unreserved)
  7. Telephone line fee and security deposit will be charged
  8. All payments should be paid via transfer and acknowlegde after fund is received

Security Deposit

Rental security deposit will be charged Fitting out deposit will be charged.
Telephone security deposit and connection cost per line will be charged.

Booking Arrangement

To reserve accommodation in the building it is necessary to returning a letter of intent, together with security deposit. If the Lessor is unable to enter into a lease agreement with the Lessee, the deposit money will not be refunded.